Some unique and hidden features of Android you never knew!


Android is one operating system, which is the hottest topic of discussion of all time. Upgrades to updates, Android has been evolving from its core; such as integration with the latest Google software and innovating several menus and procedures. However, these open-book-slash-Android-topics have kind of unnoticed a few Commands that can help you pace things faster and more convenient. So, coming across this, read further to know more.

Split screen:

No, no! I am not asking you to download any application or moreover literally adopt that. The latest Android version 7.0 Nougat comes with a new feature added in it which allows you to run apps side-by-side or one above another. This new update comes in handy when you have to multi-task with the pertaining tasks. You can display photos, operate your social networks or gaming at once simultaneously.

All you need to do is tap at the Overview button and choose which of your recently used applications you want to work on simultaneously. It’s easier than splitting the bill among friends.


Google integrated with Android, has too been coming along numerous innovative applications as well. One of the trendiest and most operated applications is the Chromecast, allowing you to mirror your Android device on your Smart TV. Though you have been mirroring your phone to the Smart TV since a few years, this Chromecast has got the most convenient and user-friendly interface with Quick access settings pane; making things available at your fingertips.

For this you should primarily install the Google Home app and Chromecast, then you are good to go.

Privacy is Privacy:

Screen Pinning-

“Bro, can I borrow your phone, Please?” these words, sometimes makes our heart beat faster than a bullet train. But newest version of Android comes with a robust build feature that does not allow your other personal data to be accessed other than the allowed one. Screen Pinning is the newest feature which allows you to be generous without giving up your privacy. It only allows to run that app until the user enters the lock screen code again. Moreover, the user won’t be able to access any other data without entering the pass-code.

It is easy to set up just like pressing the settings and trekking to security menu, only finding an option to enable Screen Pinning.

Bring back the notifications:

In the flow of swiping the unnecessary notifications in the status menu, you sometime even swipe out the essential ones and then realise the mistake. Don’t let it be a blunder. However, worry not, because the Nougat version of Android allows you to review all the recent notifications, again. You’re always in the Lucky Zone now.

To enable it, tap and hold on the empty part of the home screen and a screen adjusting mode will pop up. Chose widgets and find the settings shortcut. Additionally, drag this icon to an empty space on one of your home screens and drop it in place, the list will automatically pop up.

Upgrades are meant to bring things closer to convenience, make them easier to operate and enable them to handle with multi-tasking. So with these few of the several hidden features, you can make an impress your colleagues and be that trendy pal.


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