Top Music Apps for your Ziox Smartphone


We all remember the days when we bought the MP3 player and downloaded the songs to feed the player…and even before, the super expensive CDs and Cassettes to listen to your favorite tracks. Well, indeed that was the time where Music on the go, was a luxury, not a necessity. But the wheels of music now enter a new era. Where Music not only plays the role of entertainment but also a healer, stress buster and so much more.

With which our smartphones became smarter, with Media that has now gone digital. Today’s youth now prefer Music on the go – which brings in several streaming services each suited to every generation of Music. Just ahead of the festive season, before you dance to the beats of dandiya or the dhol, we have listed some few Music Apps which is a must-have for every Music aficionado –

Saavn: The first in our list, which came in by 2007. They actually enjoy the first mover benefit and also the recall among the audience. Bringing free music access across the Genres and also in regional languages. Saavn boasts around 30 Million soundtracks and also has several filters to help you select the right music. Also, they support slow internet speed as well. On the other side, you could download and play the music offline too. This app is there on Web/Mobile interface too.

SoundCloud: – Considered as the next first after Saavn (though they were equally launched) it’s actually the world’s largest audio and music streaming platform. It is now available with more than 135 million tracks in its bucket. It provides you music tracks right from the biggest names to aspiring and emerging artist. What’s more? It also allows you to record, edit, and upload your own music track and you could also be the next popular artist with your own music channel.

Gaana: Strongest recall to the Jingle – Jab Bajna Chahiye Gaana J With well-curated list, they have a mix of Music as well along with the support to the regional content. Database of around 10 Million songs, it allows offline mode too. Gaana is also associated with Radio Mirchi for Nonstop Radio experience and Times Now Channel for its latest News. Again, comes in with Web/Mobile interface at a Nominal price.

Wynk: Developed by Airtel, but Yes its available across for all the users. The Database of songs clocks to 2.6 million with the right mix of Indian/International songs. The app is also famous for its Regional content in multiple languages.

Hungama: Another popular app, which is designed very minimal with shiny looking player. Around 4 Million songs to browse through, the app also has a mood setter filtering the songs suiting that mood under ‘Discovery’. A complete standalone player which also works in isolation even when you kill the main app it works independently.

These apps promise the wholesome Music experience. All you need is your Ziox Smartphone to download the app and get started!


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