Tips to improve your Smartphone’s Battery life!


Smartphones have come a long way with constant development and improvements in terms of designs, camera, powerful processors and lots of memory backup to let you multitask and complete your complex tasks. Along with the power packed smartphone, it’s time to power pack your battery too. So, listing together is the handy list of tricks/settings that will help you get the most out of your smartphone’s battery:

  1. Turn off the haptic feedback and vibration: People do like the tactile feeling they get while they hit any button on their smartphone or while typing. But that absorbs a lot of juice out of your smartphone as you invest a considerable time on typing throughout the day. Also, if you don’t need to get a notification through vibration, you can turn it off as it takes more power to vibrate your phone than it does to ring it.
  2. Opt for darker or black wallpaper: If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, then you can apply a darker or black color wallpaper/theme, which will help you to save more power. The logic behind this is the pixels used for AMOLED display utilize more power to illuminate light colors and need lesser energy to show black colors. To simply put, the darker or black the pixels on your phone’s display, the lesser power it consumes. Hence, saving the battery. Or you can simply dim your phone’s brightness to save a considerable amount of power.
  3. Check Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE: Your smartphone consumes battery every time it searches for the network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G. When the reception is poor, it continues to scan for a better connection, which makes your phone’s battery drop a notch. Hence, you can switch to Airplane mode, or turn off your 4G LTE, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when not in use.
  4. Don’t miss out on your Android Update: The developer of keep on updating their apps to improve on battery and memory optimization. Though updating your Android might look burdensome, but it improves an overall performance and battery life of your smartphone. So, make sure your smartphone has the latest Android version.
  5. Shut all the background apps: Multitasking is a common feature your smartphone offers, but it is also a reason why your battery gets drained so quickly. So, it’s smart to close all the background app that you are no longer using, otherwise, it will leave your phone at half-bar in no time.

Use these simple tricks to prolong your battery life between recharges. The fewer recharge cycles your Android 4G Mobile phones is put through in a day, the longer overall battery life it will have. Have more battery saving tricks? Share with us in the comments below or are you still struggling with your smartphone’s battery? We suggest it’s time to switch to Ziox 4G smartphones which promises long..longer..longest battery life at best prices. To know more:


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