Do not bid farewell to your smartphone


Your eyes roaming till the corners of the room in search of just one thing, your smartphone. With every dawn, this thing is evidential that smartphone is a necessity from the start of the day till your eyes shut. Implicitly, smartphone aids your entire day; but shouldn’t you take care of your smartphone as a ‘token of reciprocation’ as well? Well, then this window has the list of essential look-outs for you.Jan Ziox 31aApparently, you wouldn’t want your smartphone to fall down and get damaged so to avoid that, list of things to remember coz we won’t favor farewells.

Avoid your phone’s direct contact with water:

Water and electricity are forever rivals; water seeps in through input/output ports and damaging the circuitry. So, to keep your phone dry, avoid carrying it near the open water zones, drink or eat with your phone near it, and do not for all intents and purposes, talk on your cell-phones when it’s raining.

Clean it regularly:

Use Alcohol wipes, or dry tissue paper to clean your phone screen. Alcohol is highly volatile and evaporates easily thus not moisturizing and keeping it dry. Whereas you must strictly avoid baby wipes or wet cloth to do such, the moisture content in these can certainly cause issues.

Never keep your phone with a low battery:

Though it takes literally thousands of years for the battery carbon to degrade if your phone’s battery is very low or ZERO, its quality is bound to be descending and cause damages internally. However, you can simply leave your phone when a certain lowest limit is surpassed. And technically, using your smartphone can cause severe health issues as at that hour, it radiates more than usual magnetic waves.

Back up your data:

Saving your memory card and device storage data, in a backup resource is wise but there’s a few informative data in your Sim card as well such as contacts and the contact’s information. So to not lose that data, connect your phone to a computer or Laptop using USB and back up all the data.

GPS Tracking Software:

There are several easy methods that help you locate your lost phone and wipe the existing data, but most of the time it’s not reliable. Moreover, because either the technology you want to triangulate is not compatible, maybe is the technology you use. Using activating GPS tracking for every single step and location in the database from the settings automatically is a helping approach. However, newer smartphone models are embedded with this technology which even drives out this hassle.


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