To-do list for your Android Phones BATTERY cycle


Undoubtedly phones have evolved from that curly-corded phone to a handy and sleek smartphone that brings the whole world to your fingertips with incredible tech and features. However, it’s everyone’s fantasy to get a phone with endless battery life – Isn’t it?

It is not that your battery is small or lagging in terms of sufficient charging, but a number of other factors have conspired to reduce gadget endurance. User’s dynamic needs, and mobile phones’ customized settings for applications and features, all share responsibility. Diming your phone’s brightness and turning off the notifications are not the only ways to save battery. Try these tips to extend your handset’s battery life.

  1. Look out for unused apps:

Make a trip to battery settings and look out for what’s consuming your phone’s battery. Not just applications but also features which will be displayed in a descending list of battery hogs. If you find out that there’s an application that is running unnecessarily, you should turn off the feature.

  1. Embrace the darkness (Maybe xD):

Can you recognise the shades of black? Well, it’s hardly a concern. Hence when you reduce your screen brightness, it doesn’t feel different. Also, black is not that colour which will reduce battery life but the pixels that make the screen to display bright light, also utilize more battery to illuminate colours. If your phone has simply a dark or a black wallpaper, consumes less power to illuminate and thus saves battery.

  1. Kill Vibration:

Yes, vibrations as well, absorbs loads of the battery. If your battery is already very low, then you should just turn off the vibration mode. Besides, it takes more juice to vibrate than on the normal profile.If you really want to boost your smartphone’s battery, you should shut down that jiggliness.

  1. Ditch unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper:

There’s no doubt that live wallpapers are fascinating and designed for enhanced looks, but these pretty wallpapers require a lot of juice, even in the background. Also, the home screen widgets constantly consume power. Just because they seem inactive and just sit on your home screen, doesn’t mean they do not consume energy.

  1. Say no to Synchronization:

You should know that Auto-Synchronization uses background processes that can eat both data and battery. Turn it off before you receive a notification of low battery. Over and above, if this feature is necessary, you can also manually adjust which apps must sync and how frequently.

Well, we hope that we covered all the necessary tips to save and increase your phone’s battery life.


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