Its time for #DuoHappinesswithDuopix


How I wish I had company!! I surely can’t eat alone – So true! Sometimes things in Duo are always more interesting rather than doing it all alone. Yes or No?

For instance: Shopping, always more fun when in Duo, or the gripping game on Xbox with the Game Buddy and so much more. Indeed Happiness is when in Duo, redefining the same – we launch #DuoHapinesswithDuopix. A smartphone that shall capture those Memories together with its Dual front camera – Say Cheeze but in Duo 😀Duopix Blog BannerKeeping your budget and your needs in mind, the very stylish Duopix has it all covered! Its stylish, its sleek, its Light – Its the android smartphone to keep pace with your life!

Packed with latest features, large display, superior processor and super-fast speed, the smartphone explores a new dimension to keep you connected. Complementing its unbeatable performance is the latest OS that allows seamless multitasking and smooth operating experience. Not to miss the perfect Selfie Le Li Aaj – with Dual Front Camera which shall bring the best even in poor lighting. Keeping all this going, is the supersonic battery with several connectivity options to keep you connected and also entertained with value-added features.

It’s time to bring #DuoHappinesswithDuopix with Ziox Mobiles. Priced suited to each pocket and dynamic needs, it’s the Quality that speaks!

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