Don’t Shy Pink – It’s a wakeup Call WOMEN!

This Month Ziox Mobiles, as a part of its CSR initiative begun a Month-long campaign encouraging Women to #DontShyPink. Though there has been a considerable change in the awareness of the subject but having open discussion on the same, is still a taboo. Yes, we have accepted Cancer.. accepted BREAST Cancer but have we accepted Women Speaking about it? Women discussing it? NO! Its time to act Now… as we at Ziox Mobiles #SpeakPink – Join us for the cause as we list down simple steps, helping at every step of the Women’s Journey at every age.

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Prevention Tips for 30s: A lesser known fact that the under 40 year olds diagnosed with aggressive forms of breast cancer has been steadily increasing. Understanding which listed below are the prevention tips for 30s.

Opt for Healthy habits: Yes, you too picked some bad habits.. alcohol.. smoking etc. But now is the right time to make the change and change lifestyle habits which can have adverse effects for later. Adopt healthy diet, healthier habits and also self-nurturing routine that includes stress-reduction techniques such as meditation and healthy forms of exercise.

Reduce Toxins around you: Yes, might surprise you… but they have multiple formations. Be it your lipstick, or the food source. Learn to create toxic free environment and lessen your exposure to electro pollution too. Detox your body not just the mind so that you can be your most energized self.

Think again, for Oral contraceptives: Convenient yet can lead to long term harm to your body. To underline this, 50% Breast cancer risk increases with rapid usage of Oral contraceptives. Think again, Think wise.

Prevention Tips for 40s and 50s: Crucial years, as you see many changes in your body physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Know yourself before the changes are not known to you.

Keep a check on your hormones: Fibroid tumours, menstrual inconsistencies, mood swings, insomnia, and thyroid imbalances are all modern-day associations with the period of a woman’s life between peri-menopause and menopause. So, routine check-ups and tests a must. Also check for important hormones such as thyroid and mammary glands to understand the absorption of iodine.

Reduce Stress: Keep this friend at bay. Chronic stress lowers immune function and leads to depression as well as a host of other diseases, including breast cancer. Now as you enter peri-menopause or menopause is the time  when your system gets geared out of flight-or-flight mode and into a more peaceful state of mind.

Early prevention: A simple check is all it needs. Encourage routine tests, mammograms to check any abnormalities in the breast area.. So its detected at the right time, right period. Don’t forget the regular self-tests as well.

Prevention Tips for Your 60s & Beyond: Now again a major age group when it comes to its occurrence. 

Stay Active: No, its not the age to become a couch potato. Stay active in these golden years. And stay healthy as you understand obesity increases the risk of all diseases not just Breast Cancer. Simple on hour of brisk walk is all we need!

Enough Calcium?: Check your doze of Calcium, if not enough check for the Calcium supplementation.  Also check on Vitamin D and K.

Emotional Health: Did you know 85% of all diseases have an emotional element attached to it. Indeed, take the time to reflect on your life as well as your quality of life now. Already dealing with Health challenge? Open about it Now. Explore health and inner balance in your life!

Over the last decade, cutting edge research has helped a lot to fight Cancer.. however  wherever you are on the path of life, there are specific actions you can do NOW to prevent breast cancer and live a balanced, vibrant, and health-filled life. Whatever your age… now is the time to make that happen!

Spread the word around and Say it Loud #DontShyPink!


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