In November 2013, the word “selfie” was announced as being the “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary. Such is the popularity of selfie that orchestrated in 2014 during the 86th Academy Awards by host Ellen DeGeneres it, at one point, was the most retweeted tweet ever. But that’s about Hollywood, and what you need now for this festive season is the launch of our very own – ‘DuopixF1’ the perfect Dual Selfie Camera Smartphone So stay still and say Cheeze!

Complementing the launch, we have listed a quick guide to clicking the best selfies and treasuring memories. Let’s get started –

-The Expression: The first thing you notice about a selfie is the face, and by default the expression. Hence having the perfect expression is the first step to a perfect selfie. Depending upon your mood and setting you can wear the expression that best describes you in the ‘selfie moment’ However, be cautious to not overdo it and keep it as natural as possible for therein lies the essence.

-The Angle: Clicking from the perfect angle will accentuate not just your features but beautify the surrounding settings as well. The angle plays the ‘make or break’ part in the selfie. For example, clicking from a lower angle will lead to bulging images that are way different than the actual image.

-The Lighting: Lighting is the real deal. The perfect lighting can weave magic and turn any ordinary selfie into a memorable one. The lack of good lighting can completely overpower or underwhelm a potential selfie – Well, need not worry, for Low lighting when with Duopix F1 we have you covered! Rather we have added some new features that can really bring on the perfect mood and enhance the expression.

-The Camera: Apart from being a prerequisite for clicking a selfie, a good quality camera can truly make it a memorable experience. Front flash is an add on and boosts the clarity of a selfie – Need we say more? The latest at Ziox is committed to give you cherished memories.

-The Setting: And finally, the perfect setting and background really weaves all the above elements together. Well, Background is something we can’t control but can edit for later with several features added in Duopix F1 –  Bokeh Effect, the latest to have those perfect standalone pictures. The setting has turned pictures in acquiring a new meaning in the travel world, where every wanderlust soul is keen on carving an instagram presence with their travel selfies.

So, go on, bring out that perfect selfie device – Duopix F1 and make memories!


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