Best Secured Chat Apps you can have on your mobile!


In today’s fast paced world, when there is very less time to interact with your loved ones in person, Smartphone chat apps are surely the savior – The instant ping that brings the instant connection with your loves ones. However, are all these Chat apps safe to the Smartphone? Do they maintain your Privacy? Here’s a quick list which we have jotted down to keep you safe, secured and beneficial. So, let’s take a look >>>


Famously known as Messenger, one can easily access it through Facebook app and can exchange messages through normal chat, as well as voice and video messages and calls. You can use emoji, gifs and even video to express your feelings or can get dramatic using FB Emoticons just like you could in person. What’s special about it is that it provides end to end encryption for each and every conversation (which needs to be activated manually). If you are low on Data usage – you can use this app installing its Lite version (at present available just for Androids)


Not that no one knows about this as it has been immensely Popular and most downloaded Chat /Messaging App in India 😀 Highly recommended as it is simple to set-up, automatically synchronization with phone contacts, allows you to send audio, doc or video file along with contact card. What’s unique about it? It’s Free of cost and free of advertisements; benefiting from end-to-end encryption with two-step verification, which periodically asks for a password in order to access the app.


Famously known for its Video Calling with best audio capability, Skype is just a quick chat with just text. Conversation are secured by TLS and AES encryption, which, however, does not comes into features when calls to landlines and mobile numbers. Recently its mob version was revamped, making it more youthful and colorful considering the new youth.


Somewhat Similar to WhatsApp, Viber uses your telephone number as your login and to add your existing contacts. It has all the feature of a chat application like whatsapp – sending texts, photos, voice messages, and videos including the end-to-end encryption. What make it different from the rest it is feature for calling landline numbers through the Viber Out function.


Again, following the league of popular chat apps, WeChat too offers basic functions text messages, video and voice calls, group chats. In addition to this it allows you to do extra with features such as “Friend Radar”, “People Nearby,” and “Shake” to quickly find new people online nearby. It’s one of the few apps to boast a client for Android Wear and Apple Watch while its security relies on client-to-server and server-to-client protection lacking end-to-end technology.



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