Best Android Games to look for in 2018

Trends keep on updating; Crush the Candies or Clash with other Clans, games keep us entertained being the best source of refreshment. Here is a list of games you cannot resist swiping your fingers on for 2018.


Super Hero Games- Marvel Strike Force, Injustice 2
Superheroes are certainly exciting in every aspect, be it graphics, moves and story. Marvel Strike force and Injustice 2 are two top-notch android games for superhero lovers. Choose your team and start solving critical mysteries, defeating villains; all dynamic visuals packed in one compact space. So now fight all your way up to the top and enjoy new challenges every step.

Puzzle- Infinity Loop
Infinity Loop has had been a trending game since its inception. It brings you the newer set of puzzles and mind-games at every another challenge, which keeps you connected and makes it interesting. The game is comprised of abstract modes such as Zen and Dark, just connect to the lines or corners to make a perfect connection in the Zen mode; while with the dark mode, set free the structure.

Strategy and adventure- Plants vs. Zombies, Plants vs. Zombies 2
When it comes to delighting yet self-effacing interface, Plant vs. Zombies 2 presents a unified experience of good-quality graphics and diverse challenges. Construct an impeccable team of your defensive plants to save you and your sweet home from a massive army of brain-eating Zombies.

Back to 90s- UNO and friends
Let’s take a trip back to our 90s with the enjoyable UNO card game. Though you know all the rules, player characteristics and card moves, DON’T forget to say UNO on your last card remaining.

Arcade- Crazy Taxi
Another of a trendiest 90s computer game, Crazy Taxi is could be now relished in your Android smartphone. So help the customers to reach their destination on time with all your benevolence. Your kind Taxi in the game would surely show you a thing or few about driving to new destinations.

Interactive- Pokémon Go
Gaining immense popularity with its innovative features and technology, Pokémon Go is back with new Pokémons from new regions and additional features. Gear up; you got to train hard for a gym battle ahead with strong and challenging Pokémons. Loaded with a physical sporty system of GPS tracking, Pokémon Go is undoubtedly top-notch in graphics and Nostalgia.

Sports- FIFA Soccer
Build your super team with ultimate stats and trainers. FIFA Soccer has been redefined to bring you the most authentic and exciting mobile soccer game you’ll experience. Develop the most competitive squad of all time and beat your opponents in a healthy competition.

Your year with this could be predicted surely to be exciting and sporty in every element. Leave no piece of a game structure and enjoy every aspect of new and ever-green games in the world-to-come on Ziox Mobiles J Happy Gamer in YOU!


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