Best 5 Filters App for your SMARTPHONE

In today’s world of Social Media craze, every single Like, Comment or Share on your pic defines how popular you are. No wonder the well edited photographs have brought in the popularity with several filter apps which promises to beautify the pic in a click. To keep you in sync with the ongoing trends we have listed some of the most trending and best Android-friendly filtering apps which will step up your photography to another level by adding classic looks to the ever-present “selfie” implication.


So let’s click, edit and pick on the Ziox Smartphones J

  1. Snapseed

With accessibility similar to Photoshop, this app is quite popular & brings full, inclusive range of editing features. The options for viewing are as different as the editing effects, and also provides you unique filters and effects which is great for professionals and amateur.

  1. Instagram

You can’t forget the mention of the legend here, with the list of filters which are high-quality and power to change the saturation, sharpness, color contrast, and enhancement to create awesome works of art on your profile. Savage? Isn’t it?

  1. Photo Editor Pro

A photo filter app that lets you add text to images, brightness, contrast, and more, this app is perfect for those who have just started, more of a beginners that inducts you to practice editing photos.

  1. AirBrush

If you are among the Selfie lover league then this app erases blemishes and highlights features on your face. An easy to use app  with a minimal cost to download but a worthwhile investment if you are a dedicated selfie fan.

  1. Lenka

This app is most of the unique, as it allows you to work with black and white exclusively, giving an alternative approach to filters creating crowd-pleasing pictures irrespective whatever platform photos are shared.

So, tempted to download one? Which one would you opt for, Tell us in the comments below.




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