Basics to remember while buying a SMARTPHONE


The fifth necessity, Smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. And with entrenching technology in every aspect of the even physical world, smartphones have evolved since its inception. And of course, the consumers’-demand-driven market, has the Must-Have list of the smartphone features and tech.

A number of Android devices to choose from get expeditiously enhanced with every passing month.   With so many of options, we at Ziox Mobiles, have listed things to look for while buying your first smartphone –


Phones these days are a package of high-performance but what makes them efficient is the larger storage. Your phone must include higher RAM which is further expandable to future-proof yourself and support the increased usage of resource-hungry apps.

For us, we always have a superior quality, tech-integrated and essentially a high-capacity RAM ranging from 3GB to 4GB, further expandable to 32GB. Watch Movies, Play Videos, Games and much more…with superior support and smoother functioning. Your every task is carried out swiftly.


Processors are the highway channels of your smartphones, wherein the applications are the vehicles. However, to see that highway is proficiently managed, opt for Quadcore processors in a smartphone, one of the most advanced and improved processors. The Processor also helps in power consumption of your smartphone as well. The higher and enhanced is the tech, the contrasting is the battery drain.


You must ensure that your new phone has a resolution of at least 1440×2560 pixels which guarantees brilliant display and visuals. Since it is very evident that your phone today is the go-to for everything, be it movies, texting or browsing, it should be comfortable for you. Resolution of 1440×2560 and more is supposed to be comfortable for your everyday mobile chores such as texting, reading, streaming and browsing.

Moreover, if you use your phone often for streaming videos, editing videos and photos or download and viewing movies, then a phone with a screen size more than 5.5 inches to 6 inches, HD or QHD resolution is the optimum choice for you. But sometimes, a screen bigger than 6 inches becomes inconvenient to handle and pretty large to carry around as well. If you are a regular user, for checking emails, chatting and browsing social media apps, then a screen with 5 inches to 5.5 inches is perfect for you.

You’ll already find that available in the latest Ziox Mobiles. These phones are known for its crystal clear picture quality and the vibrant display of colours.

High-capacity battery back-up:

Battery power backup is the utmost priority. Battery life has been the thorn in the side of smartphones since the beginning. The battery power has improved but the pace at which the apps, processors and screens drain power, is expeditiously more. Hence you should get a phone which has a bulk-capacity battery.

Generally, smartphones with higher-tech support and glutted applications take up all the battery and the active background apps are also a reason for battery drain. If you are that one person who uses the phone all day, then you must know that an ordinary phone hardly makes it until dusk without a recharge. Look for something more than 2000mAh battery back-up. Ziox smartphones come with amazing battery life; such as Ziox Duopix series that have at least 2500mAh Li-ion Battery.


One must note that megapixels of a camera is not only what matters for high-quality pics but also various other features such as camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, and autofocus are essential as well.

Generally, a higher number of pixels means that the size of the image is bigger but also sharper if it is viewed on a small screen. When it comes to casual photography, a camera with 12 to 16 MP sensor under f/2.0 aperture for speedy shots even in low lights is perfect.

Once sorted with basics, you could always look at the advanced functionalities like enhanced, picture quality, various camera capture modes, connectivity options etc. To keep you covered for all, don’t forget to tune in to our very popular Duopix Series on It’s the Quality that speaks for itself!


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