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Operational since 2015 Ziox Mobiles, part of Sun Airvoice Pvt. Ltd. has had a vision of making technologically superior products at affordable prices without any compromise on quality. Headquartered in New Delhi, Ziox Mobiles has been empowering consumers with quality products and demonstrated quick and robust expansion in the category.

Already considered as one of the most innovative and fastest growing brands in the mobile category, the brand has established its presence across the country with an extensive branch office network, system integrators and distribution channels.


To be life managers of our consumers and making their lives simpler and abler. To give our consumers the smartest choices by introducing products that better their expectations.


To provide best of technology based products with affordability and in-sync with our consumers needs and create a digitally connected world.


Mr. Deepak Kabu

Chief Executive Officer

Here’s a message from Mr. Deepak Kabu who completes 1 year as the CEO of Ziox

With today commemorating an important date in the history of the country, namely our National Technology Day, we at Ziox have a two-fold cause for celebration – as this day also marks my one year stint as CEO of the company.

The National Technology Day was first instituted to recognize the achievements that our country made in the field of technology- with everything ranging from Nuclear Energy, to Aircraft Engineering to Missile launches. In our millennium though, the term “technology” has transcended into the digital medium, thus allowing us to explore a broad range of possibilities that was previously deemed impossible.

This day holds a special place for us at Ziox, because our first and foremost mission is to provide our users technology that is accessible to one and all. At Ziox, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by creating products that combine the best blend of features at the most affordable prices, while maintaining the quality of the product.

We do that by subjecting our products through rigorous quality checks prior to hitting market shelves. While we predominantly deal with Feature phones, we have taken cue from the National Technology Day by broadening our horizons into the realm of Smartphones. And all this at pocket-friendly prices! With that in mind we have rolled out 4G models and hope to produce more intrinsic 4G phones at the most affordable price. Also, Wi-Fi enabled Feature phones will be on the cards.

Our aim is to act as enablers who provide a user-friendly model while making sure it reaches the masses. Which is why we are happy to announce that we have partnered with the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues and Homeshop 18 amongst others.

Our goal is to provide the Freedom of Choice while giving you Freedom from Chaos. We are fast expecting to achieve our target of 1 million handsets within the 3rd Quarter. We believe we can cross the 10 million mark by 2018 with the support of our loyal customers.

So with that, we go forth this National Technology Day and dare to dream, while remembering that it’s the hard work and care for people over business that will take us over the line!


Sunil Gupta


With a background in realty & realty development, he is the dynamo at Ziox who keeps the cogs running with a supremely calm demeanour. As Chairman at Ziox, the organisational vision being enablers to consumers by offering superior quality & affordable products without any quality compromises.


Vikas Jain

(Managing Director)

The persistent lack of an efficient mobile phone which live up to its promise of being a partner made Vikas Jain enter the Mobile Phone category. What would have been a daunting challenge for anyone else was the exact reason why he chose to get into the category- to break the clutter associated in this space. A thorough professional, with a sound mind on the basics, he is instrumental in channelizing the entire Ziox structure in making products which will be true partners for users.
Having entered the category only two years back, it was a different world for him with the plethora of options available in being a mobile seller. He took it upon himself to make a genuinely Indian product and created an entirely domestic back-end setup which culminated with a factory setup, with a current production capacity of 12 lines and two more units in the pipeline. His vision of empowering Indian consumers has made Ziox Mobiles amongst the fastest growers in the category with over 40 feature phones & 14 smartphones as running models.

As the Managing Director, it is his aim to build a genuinely Indian organisation with world-class standards that will stand-up to the best in the category. And he is single-mindedly involved 24×7 towards this objective with hardly any other personal pursuits. A keen category observer, Vikas Jain is obsessed with quality and efficient practices in whatever he puts his mind to.


Rishabh Jain

(Director & Head - Finance & Commercial)

Rishabh is the finance whiz in the entire Ziox setup and it his charge to make Ziox into an enviable proposition in the category in such a short span of time. His primary role is taking the whole Ziox machinery together so that all the departments & verticals are in sync with each other.


Ankur Gupta

(Director & Head - Product Development)

With a strong technical bent of mind, it is Ankur’s forte to make & deliver products which will drive Ziox to be the category leaders. He is single-handedly responsible for the complete product portfolio and its evolution to ensure that Ziox products are true partners to consumers.


Deepak Kabu

(Chief Executive Officer)

An industry veteran in the IT & mobile phones category, Deepak Kabu is an institution in Distribution & Channel Management and the Mobile Phone category in general. As the Chief Executive Officer for Ziox mobiles, he is charged to bring to forth his experience from both his professional and personal learnings to make Ziox Mobiles the top category player and reform the Indian mobile handset industry.
As General Manager in his previous stint lasting over 15 years, with a blip stint in another organisation, Deepak was instrumental in knowing and understanding the category from the ground-up and correcting the lacunae wherever encountered. He lives by the belief of people before business, and this is visible when he is at any gathering, meeting, seminar or conference. Rock support to his team, rock-solid in commitments and rock-hard in his faith for partners. No interaction is possible without coming back in awe of the man who truly inspires a Rockstar gathering.

As CEO, he is not just charged with hard numbers but also core team and culture development for Ziox Mobiles and this role is the apt mentor and role model in the Ziox system. Meticulous and always being available for his team are the hallmark of his character.

On the personal front, he is a great traveller and is always on the look-out for a new experience whether it is food or meeting new people or making new friends or something as simple as just learning something new from anyone.


Chiranjib Sarkar

(National Sales Head)

Being the pan-India in charge for the complete sales & related functions at Ziox means that one is under non-stop pressure and timeline crunches, but Chiranjib is always at it with a permanent smile. Thoroughly calm and to-the-point, he is always approachable to anyone in the Ziox system. His intra-office and partner relationships are real, and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that he redefines cross-function synchronisation in the category.

Make In India

We are an organization manufacturing in India very early in its life, unlike other leaders & contenders in the category who are still manufacturing outside of the country on the premise of cost efficiencies.

The company has manufacturing unit in the capital city Delhi and holds the capacity to roll out around 8 lakhs units per Month. Also, we have already planned to add two more manufacturing units in near future.

We are taking the lead in getting cost efficiencies in India and passing such benefits to the different stakeholders in the country- be they our end consumers or our channel partners or compliance norms.


We care for our Partners and firmly believe in bringing them closer to the company so that together we can take brand Ziox to the next level of growth. Best practices and Transparent Processes have been our policy.

Come and Join hands with one of the fastest growing mobile handset company.


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Operational since 2015 Ziox Mobiles, part of Sun Airvoice Pvt. Ltd., has had a vision of making technologically superior products at affordable prices without any compromise on quality. Headquarterd in New Delhi.

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