5 must have Mobile Apps for the Photographer in YOU!


Nowadays, nobody wants to miss capturing the important moments of their life. Hence, the handy smartphone camera is always in use. However, does the handy camera justify the click? Tons of trial and error and still not satisfied? Well sometimes it’s not just about how you take the picture, but also about what filter you use – Yeah or Nay? Let’s understand this briefly with several handpicked options with Ziox

  1. PicsArt: Most popular photo editing mobile app where you get to use various tools, effects and filters to enhance the photograph. PicsArt allows you to combine many photos together and make a collage with different frames. Unique stickers on the app can further make your picture look more attractive. You can use it as a drawing tool too.
  2. Pixlr: It is an app which lets you use 2 million free effects for your pictures. This app is very useful for beginners as it is very easy to use. You can use filters to give your pictures a polished look. Layouts available in the app can be used for combining more pictures together or framing the picture.
  3. Snapseed: It was mainly used for iPhone earlier but then Google made it available to everyone. It has a unique auto-correct feature which fixes the minor issues of your pictures which can save your editing time. It has powerful editing tools that are easy to use.
  4. Prisma: This is a unique app compared to other apps as it uses proprietary algorithms for your pictures. Rather than using your efforts to edit the photo, Prisma uses its proprietary algorithms on its services to analyze your photos and gives you the option to apply various art styles. These art styles can make your picture look more stunning and completely different than its original photo.
  5. Photoshop Lightroom: As you know how popular Photoshop is for its extraordinary ability of photo editing, it is quite obvious that Photoshop Lightroom is a preferred photo-editing app for phones. Some tools on the app are similar to that of actual software. You can use the specially formulated shoot-through presets and adjust with one-touch controls. This app gives you a powerful, yet simple solution for capturing, editing and sharing your photos.

Undoubtedly, with the several options now every moment will deserve the special click. Download these apps now on your Ziox SmartPhone and get started!


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